Kungfu Panda 3

If You only do what you can, You will never be more than you are now – Shifu



Two days ago, I watched Kung-fu Panda 3 movie in a theater near my boarding house. But, let me tell you this, I found something rarely happens and really amazed me, before I do the review.

There was a family ( a big one ), since it was a family movie i guess, they brought 4 little cute girls to watch the movie together. And they took the seats beside me. Usually, i don’t like to see movie with children. Let’s be honest, they’re all so loud and noisy, rite? It’s not only me that feel that way, aren’t I? C’mon, just admit it. #ignoreit

Suddenly, one of the little girls said “Mom, let me pray first, yea.”

“Yes, sweetheart. Sure.” replied her mom. Then she prayed

At first, I thought the little girl want to pray before eat, but then one of the adults laughed and said “Hey brother, you should learn from your daughter, although we just watching movie she pray for it. I think she’s doing the right thing. To pray before watching, so maybe we can have the wisdom to learn something from the movie, rite?”

And they all laughed together. I wanted to laugh aloud too. Really. It was the way your body reacted when you found something funny. But, then I look at the little girl and found her still praying. Somehow, I was speechless. She still praying despite being laugh or rather mocked by her family like “Please, who ever prays before watch a movie?”. Of course nobody. Or so I thought. In this rotten world, here she is, an innocent mind that bother to prays over something that even not for a slight  occurred in any adults mind. But the most amazing part was she didn’t ashamed a bit by doing that. And I thanked God for such a pure soul she has, quietly I prayed that she’ll stay that way.

Okay, enough for the intermezzo. Let’s see the review 😀

Kung Fu Panda 3 is the last movie of the series. It’s about Po (the panda-dragon warrior) who was barely appointed to replaced their teacher. Well, let’s just say he’s done no good with his new job as a teacher.

There’s a new character that being introduced as the old friend of master Oogway who turned into one of the most powerful foe. This new enemy is described as a greedy old man ( or should I say old bull? ) who longed for more and more power of a technique called “Chi”. He used Chi to defeated master Oogway and the other masters of Kung Fu. Even Po’s master and friends except Tiger was defeated by him as well. In order to beat the crap out of this powerful enemy, Po has to learn the Chi. Because he was the one who’s been forecast long before he was born to defeated the new enemy.

However, I found this movie has an interesting plot due to how the main character is told to have difficulty in completing his mission, but he did have the people who helped him succeed. Another great part of this movie is the special effects, especially in the last fight when Po was finally able to master the Chi.

This movie is also different from the rest because it had more concerning to Po’s family background. It’s about his past and its relationship to the present. It’s already mention in the preview movie but not really complete like in this movie. And also the length of the movie is good: not too long but not too short to tell the story.

Over all, in my opinion, this is an epic ending for the series that portrays the new point of view about Kung Fu with the addition of new characters. It was a great movie and worth the time to watch.