Left as a “LEGEND”

I know it’s been 2 weeks since the last episode aired. But I still want to say my goodbye for him. I can’t believe this story has finally ended. I found it was extremely hard to write this with so many emotions mixed up ( I’m crying while writing this,  believe it!) 

Well, happy reading 😅

You came as a knucklehead, You left as a legend”



Every 90’s kid must have known Naruto or at least have heard about him. Naruto is a world-known manga and anime from Japan created by Masashi Kishimoto. Actually, I forgot when was the first time I watched this anime or even heard about it. As far as I can remember, I was in elementary school when I knew Naruto. I knew him as loudmouth ninja who was dumb, witless, uncool, lack of ninja skills and big mouth. Unlike his rival Uchiha Sasuke, who was described as a very talented kid in ninja skills, a collective person, calm and self-composed.

My mom used to said “What’s so good about anime? Why wasting time on something useless like that? It’s better for you to study than watching futile thing that has nothing to do with your future” every time she caught me watching Naruto instead of studying. Little did she knew, I learn a lot from that ‘futile’ thing that doesn’t even real.

I learnt so many things from Naruto’s characters like Haruno Sakura, she showed me what hard work and determination can do. She came from a non-shinobi family but she proved herself was a worthy shinobi and became the heroine in the story.

Rock Lee also taught me something similar, he showed me that hard work can beats talent. He has no ninjutsu and genjutsu, but he was a master in taijutsu through his hard work.

And there’s Sabaku no Gaara who is a jinchuriki like Naruto, they had same childhood, they were abused, hated and rejected by their own people. Yet, Gaara taught me that your past doesn’t define who you could be. Gaara is the youngest son of the fourth Kazekage and the container of one tailed beast Shukaku. He used to be a self-centered person because all his childhood was full of hatred. After his fight with Naruto, he understands that love makes you stronger.

There’s also a girl named Hyuga Hinata from a noble clan in the shinobi world, she was looked down and rejected by her own clan too for her being too kindhearted as a clan heiress to be. Hyuga clan has high expectations for Hinata. Her father trained her so hard yet still deemed her as failure. That made Hinata grew as a timid girl and lack-confidence. However she has shown to be very hard worker to make her self better.

There are so many characters too but I learnt the most important thing from Naruto himself, he taught me to never give up and keep striving to achieve my dream. Naruto was a lonely boy at first, yet he healed so many heart with his smile and his infamous jutsu called “Talk no Jutsu”. He saved his friends and many others in his story. One of the most touching part in Naruto story is about his struggle to save his best friend Uchiha Sasuke. Even though Sasuke became an international criminal, Naruto kept trying to save him.

Yes, there are times when he faced a lot of obstacles and pain. But he kept trying, failing and trying again until he succeed. He trained so hard to broke them down over,  over and over again.

Sometimes I wonder,  “how can a fictional character can touched human heart even changed their life? “. I dunno bout other people but, Naruto did to me. Well, I believe there are many people out there feel the same. And I humbly thank Mr. Masashi Kishimoto for creating such a genius manga.

(Credit for the artist) 

It’s already 18 years since Naruto came to the world. We learnt so much from him but most of it is : “No matter what happens in your life, NEVER GIVE UP!”

The manga first released in 1999 and the anime first aired in 2002. Now, the story has come to ended in 2017. Now, time to bid farewell. You’ll always be in my heart.

I’m really glad I met you.

Last but not least 👇


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