It’s All About Mindset

New experiences will present themselves when you change your way of thinking.

Sunday, 10 September 2017.

It was a fine sunny day.  I was joining an event held for the Asian Instagramer called “WORLD WIDE INSTAMEET ASIA” (#WWIMASIA16) at Mount Bromo. The participants were not only from Indonesia but also Malaysia and India (I think there were some from Singapore too).

At first, I thought that this event was a casual event where all the Instagramer meet and greet each other (well it is, but kinda different), because my friend Ika-the one who persuaded me to join this-told me that it will be fun to make some new friends. Little did I know that the participants were a bunch of people who love photography or at least has a thing or two for it. While me on the other hand just a little freaking girl who didn’t know a single thing about photography (but I do know how to take a selfie 😜). 

I felt so stupid when I realized those people were the type of #instaphotographer who have such a neat and crazy amazing instagram feed. Here’s some of them.

Find him on instagram @

Find him on Instagram @

Find him on Instagram @

Find him on Instagram @

Find him on Instagram @

Find him on Instagram @

Find her on Instagram 

Find her on Instagram 
And me? I’m just using instagram to post whatever picture I liked to. Never really thought about making my feed looks good. In short, I’m not really into photography. 
Nah, this is mine. 😅

Can you see the difference between mine and theirs? Hell yeah!

I met them for the first time at the meeting point (@ Pasar Turi Train Station, Surabaya) before we went to Bromo, we become acquainted and exchanged instagram id. And when I saw their feeds, the first thing that came to my mind was “Shoot! I’m not supposed to be here!”.

I felt left out of the group already, like “I’m not one of them,” feeling. I thought that it was gonna be an awful trip before we even started to go. I told my friend that and she said, “It’s okay Dani, they’re not gonna bite you. Relax, nothing’s wrong with your instagram feed”

I was stayed in a room at the home stay we’ve rent with 3 other girls. One of them was my friend and the other two were strangers. But, once I got to know them, they’re really cool and friendly. That’s when I started to enjoy being in the group.

Eventually, when we’re arrived at Mount Bromo, I started to talk to other people in the group too. I found they were kind and humble. Then I thought, “Oh man! I was scared for nothing”.

I met some other amazing photographer while explored Bromo with Ika. 

One of them asked me, “Why did you join this event? You don’t even know who’s Boy Hardy 😒.”

“I’m just tagging along with her,” answered me while pointing at Ika.  Then I added, “I’m not really into photography.”

“Well, but you came here anyway. You can learn something from people here y’know. Even if this is not your field, you can discover something new, meeting new people, making friends, build up connection and so on.”

That’s what Ika said.

It makes me think throughout the event. 

It’s all about the mindset. I was so occupied by the thought that “I’m not a photographer, I shouldn’t be here. This is not my place. I wouldn’t get along with them,” and so many other negative thoughts. 

I almost missing the fun of the event, thank God I have friend like Ika. When I started to see the event as a challange for myself, I finally having fun there.

It was an event that I’ll never forget. I’m looking forward to attend next InstaMeets. 

Thank you for brought me along. 💕

N.B : Boy Hardy (@boylagi) is one of the Indonesian Instgram crew.