Bali the 3rd

Once in a year go somewhere new, get lost and you’ll find life. -10969ades-

Every place has a story to tell. Even when you’re not really doing anything in that place, you’ll find something to be told.

Just like me.

I went to Bali to meet my friend Shundai. We were supposed to meet on Christmas but at that time I have to go back to my hometown immediately.

We stayed in the heart of Bali, Seminyak. But didn’t have particular plan to spent for the vacation. And he said he’ll just follow anywhere I want to. 

So, on the first day, I arrived around 12.00 p.m. We visited Tanah Lot Temple after lunch. I wanna watched the sunset there, but the weather was not so friendly. We also came too early for the sunset and got tired before it.

By the way, that’s him.

So, we decided to go back to the inn. Before we went back, we met my aunt Nadinne and had dinner together. 

It was the first time I met her and her daughter Bella. We were just occasionally chat through FB and WA. She’s a great woman with so many bitter experience in life and yet she’s still survive, overcome it even.

Then, on the 2nd day, we planned to see the sunrise in Sanur Beach, but I couldn’t wake up at dawn. Because I usually sleep at 3 or 4 a.m.

So we just sleep till noon and went to my first English teacher which is like a sister to me. Her name is Irene. 

Lucky for us, she was free on that day and could give us a ride to Pandawa and Melasti Beach, then she dropped us at Uluwatu Temple. 

Those three little girls are her daughter. Last time I met them, the eldest sister (Shaloom) was 4 or 5, the second girl (Shireel) was 2 and the little one (Nasya) was still an infant.

Irene and her husband Dave, are the example of hardworking people. They came to Bali with nothing but faith to build their family. Now, they own a foundation for helping parents find their children passion.

I’m so glad I can meet them again.

These picts below were from Uluwatu Temple.

In the midinight we were planning to go to a cozy bar or sitting in Kuta Beach at 2 a.m but we just walked down the Legian road to Kuta Beach then went back to the inn instead.

Yeah, it was raining.

And the 3rd day? Ah, what a lazy day. We decided to stayed till evening and go to the cinema. 

Well, that’s basically what I did on this short trip. Shundai was such a good travel companion. He never complained even though I was confusing sometimes. 

These some extra pictures.