Welcome New Decade


HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Pic from Twitter)

First of all, I’d like to thank 2019 for everything that happened throughout the year. For all the tears, the sleepless nights the struggles, the experiences, the pain, the lost, the fun things, the happy moments, the new people I met, thank you for all the journey.

2019 has been a tough year. I feel like I’m barely make it through every single day. It was so hard to kept going instead of the circumstances. I was wasting so much time of my life. I also missed so many chances to expand my capabilities and I lost many good opportunities to “grow” better. I was like, “Damn! When was the time passed?People I know, they already moved forward and achieved so many things in life, whilst I was still here, stuck in between.” It was like time flies without me. I was just an onlooker, watching other people life’s moving forward while mine was glued to the ground.

I could say that, it was the year of my lowest point in life.

But, I survived. I fought and will keep fighting.

In 2020, I’d like to challenge myself to be the better version of me. No more comparing myself to others, no more complaining about “what should have been”, no more excessive anxieties, and no more procrastinating.

Hereby, I welcome the new beginning of my brand new self. I aim to be more confident, more productive, more content with what I have now, more grateful, and worry less.

I know, it’s always easier said than done. Everything might be go wrong, unlike what I’ve hoped for. But, at least, I wanna try. I wanna try to live my life again.

And for you, who’s reading this. If you, whoever you are and by any chance had gone through similar things as I did and still capable of reading this right now, you’re still alive. It means, there’s still a chance to change.

You’re still breathing, start from there. It might be hard, but you can do it. You’re not alone. There are almost 8 billions people around the world. And as the fellow citizen of the earth, we’re in this together.

Be The Light

P.S: If you need a friend to talk, feel free to contact me through the comments or my social media ☺️