Motherhood is a Mental Illness

“Motherhood is a Mental Illness.”

 J.Lo, Hustlers

Some people believe that a woman is complete when she becomes a ‘mother’. Nonetheless, in this modern society, the old beliefs are gradually abandoned. Most women in big cities nowadays prefer career or pursuing their dreams rather than build a family, let alone have children.

But, of course there are women who dedicated their whole life for their children too. Some of them are lucky enough to be a mother by choice, while others by perforce.

I always thought that the strongest person on earth is a mother. Why? Because, a mother could do anything (literally!) for her children. However, a woman who gave birth to a child doesn’t mean she’s ready to be a ‘mother’.

If she doesn’t mentally prepare, then it’s a pity for the child. Because, raising a decent human being is a hella tough job.

It’s even more tougher when the mother has to deal with another family issues such as the displease in-laws, or unsupportive husband, or the unstable family income and so on. Therefore, when a woman becomes a mother, she was bound to be resilient. She can’t be weak, for her children’s sake.

Even in the most harmonious family, a mother can has mental illness. Let alone in a troubled one.

Sometimes, people think that it’s easy to raise children if the family has everything (money, mutual loving spouse, supportive in-laws, stable financial, etc). Still, it’s tough for the parents, the mother especially.

The mother still needs to adapt to an entirely new universe where her world was evolving around her child. Whatever she does, she’ll think about her children wellbeing. Well, a father does too, but it’s a different story.

Because, the bond between the mother and child that has been formed since its still a fetus in the womb is something that a father doesn’t have. Not that the father-child bond wasn’t exist, it’s just different.

Whenever the child was in pain, the mother felt it too, ten folds times greater. And when the child was happy, she’ll be happier and beyond.

And when a woman who wasn’t ready to be a mother suddenly become one, it was like living a nightmare.

People say, if you’re not ready then don’t have one. Use protection. Blah blah blah….

It surely easier said than done.

When one become an unready mother, it’s more than complicated. She has to take care of the pure soul of her child along with her immature self. And that alone, could lead her into devastation.

Some might make it through and become stronger. The others might give up amidst.

And some might make it through and become an abusive parent.

Nobody said it was easy.

It’s okay to feel tired. It’s okay to feel like quitting. It’s okay to be not okay.

You’re human too.

I know, it’s not a mother day yet. But, I just wanna appreciate all mothers in the world.

You are amazing, mother.