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He was a pianist,
A prodigy one

His name was soaring up,
When he was barely nine

His parents were proud and beyond,
He, himself was contented yet still striving farther more

Been all around the world,
More often then his own house

Nonetheless, he has always come back to it,
To his old piano at home

The old piano that holds memories,
Of his beloved grandfather

All the lessons he gave him,
And the time they spent together

The old piano that made him who he is,
And shaped his character

To the old piano,
He will always come back


9 thoughts on “COME BACK

  1. Such a wonderful poem with an extremely great message.

    It’s not only humans that can make quality and fantastic memories. This is part of the lessons I drew out from this wonderful poem.

    Even though the Piano is a non-living thing, it will always be a living thing to that wonderful person whose life was made memorable and unique because of the power of its rhythm.

    We all have memories. And sometimes its not people that make us remember those memories.

    Wonderful and glorious poem!

    This is the first time of visiting your site. And just like the boy that keeps going back to the piano, I will keep coming back here 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️

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