Wish of a Tree

I’m gonna submit a piece for another picture prompt held by Glen.

For these past weeks, I was unable to write a proper post, not even one. And it frustrates me even more because I have so many ideas in my head, yet I couldn’t pour it out appropriately.

Just like the tree on the picture below, it felt like I was chained down and trapped inside an infinite abyss.

Thank you, Glen. This wonderful picture truly evokes my spirit back.

So, this is the post for the last day of August. I hope I could write more in September.

Picture by Lynn

Wish of a Tree

I dreamt of reaching the sky

Yearned for a pair of wings

Wished to fly freely

Like those birds

Nested on my branches

Sadly, I was made to be grounded

My roots run deeply in the soil


I dreamt of reaching the sky

Wondered how it feels like to touch the stars

I heard that the world is vast and beyond

How does it feel to liberally roaming around?

What a pity!

I couldn’t even walk on earth

For my legs have been chained down by mother nature

When the Signal Went Off

Photo taken by me.

When the signal went off, of course I’m upset. Being in quarantine for months, I’ve became quite an internet addict. I can’t go on a day without internet connection.

When the signal went off, I thought I’m going nuts. I can’t upload an instagram story or update a tweet. Can’t even open my facebook account or simply chatting with my online friends. Let alone fangirling on V live or read webtoons.

When the signal went off, I might really gonna be crazy. I know that humans are social creatures, but I kinda forgot how to interact ‘real’ people.

When the signal went off, maybe it’s a sign. I should put my phone away for a moment and start socialize in real life.



P.S: V Live, sometimes referred to as V App, is a South Korean live video streaming service that allows celebrities based in the country to broadcast live videos on the internet and live chat with fans. Streaming is available online or on Android and iOS mobile devices, with replays formerly available on PC. Source:Wikipedia




There are too many voices

Overlapping in my head

Trying to control my life

I wish I could shut them down

Thought that I could take over my own mind

Yet made me realize

I’m nothing without them

Maybe I shouldn’t try to cut them off

Maybe I shouldn’t try to find a way to make them quite

Maybe I should just let them be

Maybe I should try to live with them


Maybe I could find myself again


Illustration by Drawlab19 via freepik.

Sun Kisses the Sea

Today, I’m gonna submit a response to a picture prompt held by Glen.

“The creative goal for all of us is “what does the picture evoke in you; what emotion; feeling; memory or whatever it may be – what does it arouse in you and to share it that with others.”

Photo by LynnMckPhotography

When I first saw this picture, it took me to a few years back (I forgot the exact year 😅). I was in college, went on a trip to a small island named Gili Labak with a few friends from my church community.

We went there by small boat dawn and were taking some good pictures of sunrise. Sadly, I lost my phone and all the pictures. 😭

It was very beautiful island and really small. It only took approximately 30 minutes to walk around the whole island.

Here’s a picture of Gili Labak island.

Picture from TempatAsik


I also have a short piece I wrote based on Lynn’s picture.

Sun Kisses the Sea

Sun kisses the sea

Unfolds the ethereal

Yellowish beam

Shiny gold

Rays upon the water

Illuminates the shallow


As the ship sails

To the horizon

The smells of the salty air

Soothes the tense nerves



Illustration: Emiliano Ponzi


I used to be afraid of unknown

I used to be afraid of darkness

I used to be afraid of being alone

I used to be afraid of those boogey monsters under my bed


I used to be afraid of letting go

‘Cause I feel like I’m gonna loose myself at one point

That’s why I’ve been holding up all my feelings

Until it reached the bottle neck

Little did I know

Those monsters was actually living inside my head

Silently lurking and waiting for the chance to go rampage


One day they came all out

And I can’t control myself

The 18th Floor

Since I have a lot of free time today, I’m gonna post another poem to submit to poetics looking out the window by Dverse.


Photo taken by me.


The 18th Floor


From the 18th floor

Brigth sky

Sunny day

Summer breeze

Blew softly


From the 18th floor

Ants on the ground

Weren’t seen

Large trees

Became tiny

Edifice and houses

Seemed to shrink


From the 18th floor

The sound of prayer

Five times a day

Dawn to dusk


From the 18th floor

I‘m alive

And grateful



Run Baby, Run!

This week’s prompt #WhatDoYouSee by Sadje reminds me of a tragic death of an orangutan in Borneo. It was shot to death 130 times with air gun, also been stabbed and clubbed. I was crying when I read that news.

The picture below shows a little monkey on a branch. It looks so cute yet in a weird way, reminds me of a sad story.

So I write this flash fiction about how cruel humans can be.

Warning: There’ll be slight violence.


Image credit- Lewis Roberts- Unsplash


Run Baby, Run!

In a dense forest, there’s a little monkey who has massive inquisitiveness. One day, the little monkey and his mother were searching foods together. When they were jumping from tree to tree, the little monkey saw some strange things on the ground.

He stopped at a branch and asked his mother,”Mother, what are those?”

The mother’s face looks terrified and with tremble voice she answered,”Those are the most dangerous creatures on earth, baby. They’re called human.”

Hearing the word dangerous, the little monkey began to be more curious about those humans.“Why are they dangerous, mother?”

“As you can see down there, they are chopping off the trees. It’s the same as destroying our home and source of food. Sometimes they hunted our kin too.”

The little monkey couldn’t fathom what his mother just said. “Why do they do that?”

“I don’t know, baby. I’m not human.”

Suddenly, the mother felt anxious. It’s like somebody was watching them. “Remember this, baby. If you ever, ever, crossed path with human again, don’t let your curiosity get ahold of you. Just runaway!”

Then, gun shots were heard. The humans started shouting at one another. Without further ado, the mother grabbed her son and escaped.

Unfortunately, the mother has been shot twice in her left shoulder and back. As the humans came closer, she put down her son and said,”Listen carefully, baby. I know you’re a smart child, so from here on, you have to run as fast as you can. Don’t let them catch you!”

The little monkey try to refute,”But, mother….”

Seeing that the humans are catching up to them quickly, the mother forced her son away,”No buts, baby. RUN!”

The little monkey was unwilling to go. The thought of leaving his mother alone was unbearable, but his mother kept pushing him away. So he ran with tears on his face.

When he looked back at his mother, the humans already caught and put her in a cage. They stabbed her a few times because she tried to wriggle out.

That was the last time he saw his mother.