The 18th Floor

Since I have a lot of free time today, I’m gonna post another poem to submit to poetics looking out the window by Dverse.


Photo taken by me.


The 18th Floor


From the 18th floor

Brigth sky

Sunny day

Summer breeze

Blew softly


From the 18th floor

Ants on the ground

Weren’t seen

Large trees

Became tiny

Edifice and houses

Seemed to shrink


From the 18th floor

The sound of prayer

Five times a day

Dawn to dusk


From the 18th floor

I‘m alive

And grateful



15 thoughts on “The 18th Floor

  1. Beverly Crawford

    A lesson in perspective and self-perception. I once heard a tale of an ant floating down a river shouting for them to open the draw bridge. Now there was a fellow with an inflated sense of self!!

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