3 Things I Do to Stay Sane During Pandemic

It’s been almost 2 years since the pandemic started. We all have our own way to cope with the situation. For me, at least I discovered 3 interesting things that help me stay sane during the pandemic.

  • Appreciate Nature

After office hours, if the weather was nice, I usually went to a beach near my office. Me and my co-worker like to sit there and talk about our day at work there. Sometimes, we’re simply enjoy the view. It has been our safe haven after such a hectic day. I found it very relaxing, to here the waves sound at the shore or just sitting there and look at the sky, appreciating the nature.

Picture taken by me.
  • Reach Out to Some Old Friends

We have been through hell for these past two years. Well, some might have it easier, but most of us have to fight harder just to stay alive. There’s always a news about deaths due to covid everyday. Some of them were my friends families or their colleagues. I tried to reach out to them and simply asking about how they’re doing. Even though we haven’t talked in ages. I know it doesn’t mean much, but I hope it could comfort them somehow.

  • Writing

I love writing diaries since my school days. Most of it was just ranting about my daily life. But, since the lockdowns couples months ago, I’ve become more fond of expressing myself through poetry. Some of it sounds cheesy and sucks, so I only posted the best (according to me lol). It helps me calm my chaotic mind and stay sane during the pandemic.

I hope you also found something that can help you cope with your current situation.

Here’s a bonus sunset picture ✨

Picture taken by me.

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