new battleground

Picture taken by me
everyday there’s a new battleground 
in the house, forced yourself to get off of the bed

then in the office, another challenging day to work as a team with your co-worker

you try to fit in as a good employee
then you might take a break in a cozy café or simply hanging out with some colleagues

then you have to go back to your home with your head still in a warfare
you arrived just to find that your room is as messy as your brain cells
you wanna rest your body for a moment yet your mind still on fire

then all you can do is just laying there, staring up at the blank ceiling of your room
wondering when will the sun rises up again and you’ll repeat the same monotonous routines

there’s no real space to hide from your own thoughts
‘cause the battle took no time to rest inside you

you fought with all your might and still lose to the demons
it shatters you and eating you up
drains your blood and bones

but still, they say, “it’ll get better, somehow. just hang in there for a bit longer.”