should i turned?

This is a piece in response to Weekly Prompt.

Picture from pinterest – Jonas Kekko
i was walking aimlessly 
and had been in deep thought
without any sense of time

in front of a fork in the road
i was standing with a vacant stare
a fierce strife started in my head

i wonder

should i turned right?
‘cause nothing left for me
should i turned left?
‘cause nothing feels right anymore

31 thoughts on “should i turned?

      1. Masya Allah mbak keren amat sih aku bikin puisi bahasa indo aja terkagok2 lho apalgi bahasa inggris hiks.

        Btw aku jadi inget kemrin ada cuplikan adegan program tv yang membuat prtanyaan bahasa yang sastra itu bahasa apa

        Inggris termasuk yang mendapat rating tinggi

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