About Greeny Rudbeckia

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Greeny Rudbeckia is a pen name I chose because I love green color and sunflowers. No, I am not a gardener nor a florist, the only flower I that piqued my interest is sunflower.

When I was a child, my mom gardened sunflowers in our small lawn. On one evening, I saw the sunflowers’ bud moved to the other side. So I asked my mom about it. She said it’s because sunflowers are special, it followed the movement of the sun to absorb the sun ray so it could grow. I thought it’s magical! The specific type of sunflower that I like is Rudbeckia Hirta commonly known as black-eyed Susan.

I’ve been writing journal since 5th grade and obviously will continue doing so. I love write in paper but I’d like to share some things online too. Originally, I started this blog in 2015 but decided to delete old post because I was too embarrassed by how crappy it was.

As you can see, recently my post got better (or so I thought). I used to write whatever comes to my mind or anything that intrigued me. Regardless, I found it hard sometimes to pour out all the chaotic thoughts in my writing.

Then, I scribbled some unorganized sentences and decided to make a poem. I have been struggling with acceptance for years, where I want people to recognized me yet at the same time too shy to showing my works. Sometimes I shared some post here with my friends, and boy I felt complicated. I’m proud of myself but embarrassed but also want to show off but embarrassed. A mixture of all of those feelings.

I found my remedy in poetry. I’m no expert nor a skillful poetess, just trying to get out of my head. And I hope people, you, will like it.







P.S: I’ll write some random articles too, LOL.

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