there’s always a space for you

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after we chose to separate,
you found someone new

I’m not the one who puts the smile on your face anymore

I wonder, is there a room for me?

if by any chance,
she broke your heart
just know that
there’s always a room for you in my heart

you might see me
smiling, laughing, hanging out with friends

I still wonder, could you spare a little space for me?

if by any chance
she broke up with you
just know that
there’s always a space for you in my world

Medan Pertempuran

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Rasa bersalah yang mengendap
Berubah jadi bayang-bayang gelap
Yang diam-diam menghantui pikiran terdalam
Mengikuti tiap jejak pemikiran yang belum matang
Beribu kesalahan diserang
Rentetan keputusan bodoh diseret ke tepi jurang
Isi kepala jadi medan pertempuran tanpa darah
Otak tak mau mengalah
Hati ingin teriak,

Key to Her Heart

Sadje is the host for #WhatDoYouSee challenge. It’s been a while since the last time I join this. I hope you enjoy my poem.

Image credit; Photomix company @ Pixabay

A girl who was once a fool
She gave the key to her heart so easily
For anyone who gave her a bit of attention
Maybe because of the lack of affection she received
Maybe because she lost a father figure Maybe because she’d been never good enough for her mother

A girl who was once a fool
Now locked the door
And kept the key hanging
Waiting for the right person to open it again



Safe Haven

GC and Sue W are the host for this weekly prompt. They asked us to share something about QUIET.

My own photo

I like to indulge myself in various activities. Gathering with different communities and meeting new people excite me. I love to improve myself through several workshops or some social activities.

Nowadays, I have more responsibilities to take care of. I got tired easily. So, one of my escapism is to be alone in a quiet place. Either in my room with books or netflix or in a peaceful forest.

Lucky me, there’s a little forest near my house where people seldom passed through it. I feel like I found my safe haven.

Here’s some pictures I took around the forest.

“Life’s most precious moments are not all loud or uproarious. Silence and stillness has its own virtues.”― Kilroy J. Oldster


how to be happy

Pic by me

force smile in tears

fake laugh when all you wanna do

is crying a river

days go on, your mind stucks

running in confusion, trying to escape the endless darkness

you’re breathing, your heart still beating

but barely holding on a thin rope of hope

you don’t feel fine, but also don’t know the reason why so

choked down tears at night, wake up beaming

you just don’t know how to be happy

Lingkaran Racun

Apa yang memang bukan tercipta untukmu

Akan terlepas dari genggamanmu

Seerat apapun kau berusaha mencengkeramnya

Suatu saat dia akan terurai lepas dari jemarimu

Rasa tidak aman, kecemburuan tak beralasan, selalu menghantui

Meski kau telah terikat secara sah

Kau tetap merasa kurang

Apapun yang dia lakukan untuk meyakinkanmu

Tak pernah cukup baik di matamu

Kau dihantaui rasa bersalah

Meski harga dirimu tak sudi mengakui

Kau telah merebut paksa dirinya

Mengikuti gerak gerik masa lalunya

Malah menjeratmu dalam perasaan cemas

Dan membuatmu semakin mengekangnya

Namun, pada akhirnya kau terjebak dalam lingkaran racun tak berujung

What is Blogging for You?

Tanya is the host for blogging insight.

This time, she gave us an equation of blogging.

To blog =

To share 

To connect 

To create 

To inspire

Personally, I started blogging to share my feelings, unspoken late night thoughts or just some random events around me. I made it as my online diary and I could share my inner thoughts or discover myself through blogging.

There are many other social media where we can share our daily life. I might share a fancy picture of me on Instagram and got many likes and comments from people I know in real life. Or tweet some quotes on twitter. Or post a status on facebook. Those are things that I’d share with people I’ve known or at least met personally.

But, for me blogging is different. I’ve shared some pictures of me, so I’m not really make things private here. It’s just, sometimes there are things that I thought the people I know wouldn’t understand and it’ll better to share with strangers. At least I could take off the things that tighten my chest. And even though English is not my mother language and sometimes wrote post in broken English, I come across really nice bloggers who inspired me to explore more of blogging.

I hope someday, what I post on my blog could inspired other people too.


Blue Sky

It’s my first time join in weeklyprompt, Weekly Prompt – Colour Challenge Blue

Taken by me

The first thing that came to my mind when I heard the word blue is sky. Well, sometimes it gets cloudy and stormy. But when the sky is clear and blue, it could be comforting for some reasons.

Taken by my friend

Whenever I have a bad day, I like to look up at the sky. Just sat down and tilt my head up, admiring the nature. It’s been one of my favorite healing therapy.

3 Things I Do to Stay Sane During Pandemic

It’s been almost 2 years since the pandemic started. We all have our own way to cope with the situation. For me, at least I discovered 3 interesting things that help me stay sane during the pandemic.

  • Appreciate Nature

After office hours, if the weather was nice, I usually went to a beach near my office. Me and my co-worker like to sit there and talk about our day at work there. Sometimes, we’re simply enjoy the view. It has been our safe haven after such a hectic day. I found it very relaxing, to here the waves sound at the shore or just sitting there and look at the sky, appreciating the nature.

Picture taken by me.
  • Reach Out to Some Old Friends

We have been through hell for these past two years. Well, some might have it easier, but most of us have to fight harder just to stay alive. There’s always a news about deaths due to covid everyday. Some of them were my friends families or their colleagues. I tried to reach out to them and simply asking about how they’re doing. Even though we haven’t talked in ages. I know it doesn’t mean much, but I hope it could comfort them somehow.

  • Writing

I love writing diaries since my school days. Most of it was just ranting about my daily life. But, since the lockdowns couples months ago, I’ve become more fond of expressing myself through poetry. Some of it sounds cheesy and sucks, so I only posted the best (according to me lol). It helps me calm my chaotic mind and stay sane during the pandemic.

I hope you also found something that can help you cope with your current situation.

Here’s a bonus sunset picture ✨

Picture taken by me.