What is Blogging for You?

Tanya is the host for blogging insight.

This time, she gave us an equation of blogging.

To blog =

To share 

To connect 

To create 

To inspire

Personally, I started blogging to share my feelings, unspoken late night thoughts or just some random events around me. I made it as my online diary and I could share my inner thoughts or discover myself through blogging.

There are many other social media where we can share our daily life. I might share a fancy picture of me on Instagram and got many likes and comments from people I know in real life. Or tweet some quotes on twitter. Or post a status on facebook. Those are things that I’d share with people I’ve known or at least met personally.

But, for me blogging is different. I’ve shared some pictures of me, so I’m not really make things private here. It’s just, sometimes there are things that I thought the people I know wouldn’t understand and it’ll better to share with strangers. At least I could take off the things that tighten my chest. And even though English is not my mother language and sometimes wrote post in broken English, I come across really nice bloggers who inspired me to explore more of blogging.

I hope someday, what I post on my blog could inspired other people too.