be you, for you

Picture from Brian Ford
you are a work in progress
everybody makes mistakes
if you failed today
try again tomorrow

keep working on yourself
be the best version of yourself
for you, not someone else

only you who can pull you out of the bottomless pit of your own thoughts
only you who can fight your own battles in your mind
only you who can be your strongest stronghold against your own struggles

should i turned?

This is a piece in response to Weekly Prompt.

Picture from pinterest – Jonas Kekko
i was walking aimlessly 
and had been in deep thought
without any sense of time

in front of a fork in the road
i was standing with a vacant stare
a fierce strife started in my head

i wonder

should i turned right?
‘cause nothing left for me
should i turned left?
‘cause nothing feels right anymore

the road

Here’s my response to #CrimsonsCreativeChallenge159 host by Crispina.

And also to join Dversepoets.

Photo by Crispina
the wind blew softly 
you tucked a strain of my hair
behind my right ear

you believed that every girl
deserve to be treated right

you always come up with a way
that made me feel like i’m the luckiest girl alive

walking side by side
hand in hand along the road
the one that we passed since our school days
filled with our young and dumb youth memories

our friends said they saw you in a bar
with a new girl in your arm

i told them i knew

i saw you two walked down the very same road we used to strolled together

does it remind you of me?


your queen

Picture from pinterest – atlas
i often got lost in your eyes
it was as deep as the ocean
also as vast as the universe

those wrinkles that appeared when you laugh
those dimples on both side of your cheeks that you kinda hate
but i thought those were super cute

your jet black curvy hair that i loved to messed with
your sharp jawline that i like it when it’s unshaven

but what i missed the most is the way you make me feel like i’m your one and only queen

your shadow

Picture by me
you used to be the only star on my starless night 
the one who colored up my grey days
you were the first one i run to share my how’s my day been
you’ve always enlightened me with your stupid antics

i used to pinned your messages on my WhatsApp
reading our old conversations all night
listening to your voice notes as if it’s the only lullaby that could put me to a good night sleep

now, the only thing that you left behind is your shadow

new battleground

Picture taken by me
everyday there’s a new battleground 
in the house, forced yourself to get off of the bed

then in the office, another challenging day to work as a team with your co-worker

you try to fit in as a good employee
then you might take a break in a cozy café or simply hanging out with some colleagues

then you have to go back to your home with your head still in a warfare
you arrived just to find that your room is as messy as your brain cells
you wanna rest your body for a moment yet your mind still on fire

then all you can do is just laying there, staring up at the blank ceiling of your room
wondering when will the sun rises up again and you’ll repeat the same monotonous routines

there’s no real space to hide from your own thoughts
‘cause the battle took no time to rest inside you

you fought with all your might and still lose to the demons
it shatters you and eating you up
drains your blood and bones

but still, they say, “it’ll get better, somehow. just hang in there for a bit longer.”

The Forgotten Throne

Crispina is the host for Crimson’s creative challenge #158.

Seated high in the nine heavens
Ruling over the earth

Majestic but filled with bloods
Humans endless greeds
For power, pride and validation
They’d do anything
Even the preposterous one

But now,
The throne is left behind
Alone in the middle of nowhere

Dusty and rusty
Surrounded by nothing but emptiness

trust the process

Pic by Jhose Nussy
sometimes you get tired
sometimes you wanna take a break
sometimes you even want to give up

it’s okay
it’s normal

but darling,
trust the process
result never betrays hard work

just like the sun has to set
for the moon to light up the night sky

there’ll be time for your dark world to lighten up too

there’s always a space for you

Pic from rjquotes80
after we chose to separate,
you found someone new

I’m not the one who puts the smile on your face anymore

I wonder, is there a room for me?

if by any chance,
she broke your heart
just know that
there’s always a room for you in my heart

you might see me
smiling, laughing, hanging out with friends

I still wonder, could you spare a little space for me?

if by any chance
she broke up with you
just know that
there’s always a space for you in my world