Key to Her Heart

Sadje is the host for #WhatDoYouSee challenge. It’s been a while since the last time I join this. I hope you enjoy my poem.

Image credit; Photomix company @ Pixabay

A girl who was once a fool
She gave the key to her heart so easily
For anyone who gave her a bit of attention
Maybe because of the lack of affection she received
Maybe because she lost a father figure Maybe because she’d been never good enough for her mother

A girl who was once a fool
Now locked the door
And kept the key hanging
Waiting for the right person to open it again




#WhatDoYouSee is a picture prompt hosted by Sadje. The rules are simple, feel free to join here.

Image credit; Gemma ChuaTran @Unsplash


There are 8 billions people

From various background

With multiple perspectives

To find those who can bring put smiles on your face

Is priceless

Run Baby, Run!

This week’s prompt #WhatDoYouSee by Sadje reminds me of a tragic death of an orangutan in Borneo. It was shot to death 130 times with air gun, also been stabbed and clubbed. I was crying when I read that news.

The picture below shows a little monkey on a branch. It looks so cute yet in a weird way, reminds me of a sad story.

So I write this flash fiction about how cruel humans can be.

Warning: There’ll be slight violence.


Image credit- Lewis Roberts- Unsplash


Run Baby, Run!

In a dense forest, there’s a little monkey who has massive inquisitiveness. One day, the little monkey and his mother were searching foods together. When they were jumping from tree to tree, the little monkey saw some strange things on the ground.

He stopped at a branch and asked his mother,”Mother, what are those?”

The mother’s face looks terrified and with tremble voice she answered,”Those are the most dangerous creatures on earth, baby. They’re called human.”

Hearing the word dangerous, the little monkey began to be more curious about those humans.“Why are they dangerous, mother?”

“As you can see down there, they are chopping off the trees. It’s the same as destroying our home and source of food. Sometimes they hunted our kin too.”

The little monkey couldn’t fathom what his mother just said. “Why do they do that?”

“I don’t know, baby. I’m not human.”

Suddenly, the mother felt anxious. It’s like somebody was watching them. “Remember this, baby. If you ever, ever, crossed path with human again, don’t let your curiosity get ahold of you. Just runaway!”

Then, gun shots were heard. The humans started shouting at one another. Without further ado, the mother grabbed her son and escaped.

Unfortunately, the mother has been shot twice in her left shoulder and back. As the humans came closer, she put down her son and said,”Listen carefully, baby. I know you’re a smart child, so from here on, you have to run as fast as you can. Don’t let them catch you!”

The little monkey try to refute,”But, mother….”

Seeing that the humans are catching up to them quickly, the mother forced her son away,”No buts, baby. RUN!”

The little monkey was unwilling to go. The thought of leaving his mother alone was unbearable, but his mother kept pushing him away. So he ran with tears on his face.

When he looked back at his mother, the humans already caught and put her in a cage. They stabbed her a few times because she tried to wriggle out.

That was the last time he saw his mother.